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Why A Kambo Ceremony?

Kambo is a deeply cleansing medicine that will clear you out and catalyze you on all levels. If you are ready to do what you need to do to quickly let go of the obstacles that’s holding you back—then Kambo is here to help! Kambo is not a psychoactive medicine—instead it’s super packed with natural peptides & neuro-peptides that initiate your body into a thorough cleansing mode. You release LOTS of toxins and stored gunk within an hourafter which often leaves you feeling renewed, liberated, and energized.

Jumpstart gut health

Kambo is known to clear your gut of everything from candida yeasts, unbeneficial bacteria, to parasites–and much more! This gut booster gives your belly brain a quick cleanseleading to you feeling more clarity, ease in your belly, and keener gut intuition.

release negativity

Kambo releases negativity and stuck energy, which is called “panema” by indigenous tribes that have long worked with this frog medicine. After working with Kambo, they notice how animals are more attracted to us, we have better luck, and synchronicity.  


The liver and gallbladder release built up toxins and bilewhich when stored can make us more prone to anger, frustration, and too much heat in the body. By purging these from your system within a short window, your body doesn’t have to process them—and the toxins won’t accidentally get re-soaked up by the body.

quickly cleanse

Cleansing regimes can take weeks or months before we reap results that feel rewarding. Kambo is a quick ceremony & gives fast results. Kambo is a great way to kick offor deepen!a wellness regimen and healthy lifestyle.

increase synchronicities

By quickly letting go of burdens, gunk, and blocks from your system, you’ll notice that your energy and attitude are liberated and you resonate at a higher frequencythus attracting all sorts of soul-satisfying opportunities that feel in alignment with your best self.

prepare for journey work

Kambo is a great pre-ceremony medicine because it clears your system of potential road blocks and “panema” (negative energy). Kambo is especially equipped to quickly cleanse your your physical body from the inside out, which perfectly prepares you for a deeper and smoother psychoactive medicine ceremony. 


Kambo specializes in cleansing things that have fully manifested in the physical form. It clears you from the inside out! It’s one of the strongest substances on the planet that’s anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, anti-virus, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, and analgesic (pain reducer). So it’s basically the detox panacea to modern dis-eases.

Kambo removes the road-blocks in your body’s energy centers so that your chakras can open and activate. Stored emotions may surface or be released. After Kambo you may experience more fluid emotions that aren’t sticky or the ability to access loving emotions that seemed out of reach before your kambo ceremony.

Your body and mind are intimately connected, so by deeply detoxing your bodythe mind too is liberated to see in new ways. While not a psychoactive medicine that awakens the mind directly, Kambo is more a medicine that creates an inner environment that’s more pleasant and peaceful to exist within.

By detoxing the body, clearing energetic blocks, and liberating your mindyou clear the hurdles from your field and are thus better prepared to grow and evolve and expand safely and smoothly. Your body’s channels are purified, which prepares your system so you can handle more energy running through youwhich is key as you raise your vibration.

What is Kambo Medicine?

Kambo is a frog medicine that the indigenous Amazonian tribes of Peru & Brazil have long worked with to release negativity, to bring good luck and attract synchronicities, to prepare for ceremonies…and more.

Scientific studies are confirming that indeed Kambo is one of the most powerful all-purpose cleansing sacred medicines–and is finally becoming available to Westerners.

Thanks to Kambo Spirit’s super-packed mix of natural peptides and neuro-peptides–Kambo is a medicine that helps you catalyze healing on MANY bodily systems & organs. All of which quickly unburden your body, mind, emotions and spirit–leading to a fresh inner environment.

Science Is Showing That Kambo Can Help With…

Kambo is a frog medicine that initiates a quick and deep cleanse that is highly beneficial for bringing balance back to your body. Here are some of the things Kambo can help with:

Chronic Pain

Digestive Disorders



Auto-Immune Diseases




Mold Poisoning


STDs like Herpes


Viruses like Flu

Heavy Metal Poisening

Thyroid Disease

Why A Kambo Ceremony With Soultech?



Our Kambo Serving Style

Blending the best of both Peruvian & Brazilian kambo serving styles, Soultech guides you through a best-practices ceremony that is refined. By fusing together wisdom from around the globe, we guide you through everything from how to prepare, how to get through it as smoothly as possible, and what to do afterwards for best results. If you’ve ever done Kambo before and didn’t like it–I suggest you try our Kambo Cleanse Ceremony before writing it off completely. With our serving style, it’s noticeably easier to sit with Kambo medicine with a bit more grace. We serve the Madison, Wisconsin area.

The Kambo Cleanse Ceremony 

Kambo is an intense cleansing medicine. Best to do it with guidance and skilled support so that you can ride it’s waves with increased grace and ease. To prepare, you’ll begin with a Rapeh (Pronounced Hapeh) medicine ceremony (if you’d like–it’s optional!). This grounds and protects you. And after the Kambo Cleanse Ceremony you’ll ground and revitalize your eyes, and inner vision, with Sananga medicine (also optional). So all-in-all you get a full blown renewing ceremony that leaves you feeling lighter, cleaner–and a whole lot brighter!

Shamama’s Kambo Story

With an aim to activate her lower chakras and stay rooted with Mother Earth, Shamama (who’s birth name is Crystal) was led to deepen her relationship with Kambo medicine. Why? Because Kambo is a master lower chakras healer and dense energy detoxer. She discovered that Kambo is a foundational medicine that is key to growth and awakening skillfully because it flushes our systems thoroughly of physical toxins–which is where negative energy breeds. By cleansing our physical temple, we become pure vessels that are prepared for more energy to run through our bodies safely. In this way, Kambo is a key sacred medicine that prepares our system for the upgrades of awakening. Shamama connected more deeply with Kambo spirit by sitting with the medicine often. She studied with Planet Kambo to became a Certified Kambo Facilitator and is inspired to share with all who are called to explore Kambo. 

What Members are saying…

“As always, Crystal was incredibly knowledgeable and in-tune with me (physically/energetically) throughout my medicine ceremony. With this being my first experience sitting with Kambo, I wasn’t sure what to exactly expect. Crystal did a wonderful job clearly explaining and walking me through each phase of the medicine both before, during, and after. I felt safe, supported, and held for the entirety of my experience. With that security she provided, I was able to really lean into the medicine and trust the process. Although it is not an easy medicine to sit with for its physical effects, at no point did I feel out of control or overwhelmed. I am definitely interested in sitting with Kambo again, and would be honored to have Crystal as my guide again.”

–Rachel R.

Here’s What You Get With Your Kambo Ceremony

You’ll be completely guided through how to work with Kambo safely and smoothly. You’ll get everything from guidance on how to prepare and you’ll be led through the intensity of sitting with the medicine so you know how to move through each stage with more ease and confidence. And we’ll work with complementary medicines like Rapeh (a shamanic tobacco snuff) and sananga, which is a herbal medicine that cleanses and heals your eyes. This ceremony is an investment in your well-being at a great value:

Kambo Medicine

Kambo Prep Guide

Rapeh Ceremony

Sananga Medicine

Skilled Facilitation

Safe & Sacred Space

$199 Value

$77 Value

$144 Value

$88 Value

$155 Value


Choose Your Soultech Kambo Ceremony

Group Kambo Ceremony in Madison Wisconsin

Group ceremony

Pre-scheduled Kambo Cleanse Ceremony from 10am to 1pm with your #SoultechFam at a great value.

For participants who…

  • Want guidance at the best value
  • Open to sharing the experience with other participants
  • Are mindful of budget


Private Kambo Ceremony in Madison Wisconsin; Kambo Medicine Cleanse

Private ceremony

Solo ceremony so you get one-on-one support at a time that easily works with your schedule.

For participants who…

  • Value Privacy
  • Budget is not a huge issue
  • Can coordinate with your schedule


Private Group Kambo ceremony in Madison Wisdconsin; Kambo Medicine Madison, WI

Private Group ceremony

Kambo Cleanse Ceremony with your people at a time that works for you all.

For participants who…

  • Have friends and/or family who also want to work with Kambo
  • Want to share this opportunity with your loved ones
  • Can choose a date that works for everyone



Where Do You Serve Kambo Medicine?

We serve kambo medicine in the Madison, Wisconsin area.

How Is Kambo Applied?

Kambo is a topical medicine. To prepare the body for Kambo Medicine, we quickly touch a small ember on the skin to burn the “gate” open. This separates the top layer of skin, which we then wipe off to open the gate. Kambo is then put on the exposed area. Once Kambo is placed, the medicine quickly becomes active as you feel it moving through your body.

Does Kambo Make You Purge?

In one way or another, Kambo initiates an instant cleansing mode in your body. As your system releases stored gunk and toxins–it’s best for the mobile toxins to be completely flushed from your body so you don’t have to process them later or you don’t accidentally soak them back up. Purging is the most efficient way to quickly get the toxins out of your body. Purging can include a release of tears, sweat, vomit, emotions or even bowel movements–and we welcome them all as ways to fully release the toxins and negative energy.

How Long Is the Kambo Cleanse Ceremony

Ceremony begins at 10am on a Sunday, so please arrive around 9:45. We’ll be in ceremony for a few hours so expect to be here until 1pm. You’ll actually be sitting with kambo for about 45 minutes–but the whole ceremony is about 3 hours.

Is Kambo Ethically Sourced?

We work with 100% pure Kambo of the highest quality. The Kambo we use is from tribes that are mindful when harvesting Kambo from the frogs’ skin so that the frogs are handled with respect. When working with the medicine we honor Kambo Spirit and show a deep gratitude for the opportunity to sit with the frog medicine.

Is Kambo Poisonous To Humans?

Kambo is often called “frog venum” because it can be lethal to some animals–but it’s not toxic to humans. In fact, it’s packed full of natural peptides and neuro-peptides that are read by your body as part of your own system (amino acids)–not as foreigners (which is how our bodies respond to pharmaceuticals). In fact, it’s best to think of Kambo as a super-packed peptides and amino acids. Your body’s purging response to the medicine isn’t because it’s trying to expel Kambo from your system–it’s because Kambo signals to your brain and body that it’s time to cleanse and clear waste out of your system.

How Long is a Kambo Ceremony?

The total ceremony–including sitting with Rapeh and Sananga–will be around 90 to 120 minutes total. However, we recommend reserving 3 hours in your schedule and try to clear your schedule after the ceremony incase you feel like resting or taking it easy. Most people actively sit with the Kambo Medicine for around 30-40 minutes. However, there are times it can be longer as people respond differently to the medicine.

What Should I Wear?

Comfortable and loose clothing is ideal. We’ll be applying the medicine on your upper arm so make sure you can pull your sleeves up to your shoulders. Don’t wear makeup. Bring a change of clothes–just incase. 😉

Do I Need To Prepare For A Kambo Ceremony?

You’ll want to have a completely empty belly–so best to skip breakfast. We recommend you fast for 6-8 hours ahead of your ceremony. You’ll also want to know why you want to work with Kambo so that you have a clear intention. And ideally you’ll have a clear schedule for afterwards incase you feel like resting. 

Are There Any Contraindications?

Here are some the conditions that might not make Kambo a great medicine for you to sit with right now:

  • Aneurysms

  • Blood clots

  • Brain haemorrahages

  • Pregnant

  • Serious heart conditions like pacemakers, stents, weak heart, etc.

  • Taking immunosuppressants for organ transplantation

  • Undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy

  • Serious mental healthy conditions excluding depression, PTSD, & anxiety

  • Severe epilepsy

  • Very low blood pressure or serious blood pressure issues

  • Devices in the brain (embolism coil, VP stunt, etc.)

  • Recovering from a major surgical procedure

Please note: We will be asked to complete a questionnaire ahead of your ceremony to ensure you are a good fit for the ceremony and to optimize your experience. 

Do I Have To Work With Rapeh & Sananga Medicines, Too?

Kambo medicine works great on it’s own, so you are welcome to just sit with Kambo during our ceremony. If you are open to working with Rapeh (pronounced “Hapeh”) and sananga, I would recommend it because they support the Kambo Cleanse beautifully. Rapeh grounds you and gives you strength. The sananga eye drops help heal your eyes and ground your consciousness deeper into your body.

How old do I need to be?

You must be 18-years of age at this time. 

DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this webpage is intended for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Kambo is a traditional medicine that involves the secretion of the Phyllomedusa bicolor frog, and its use can have intense physical and psychological effects. This content is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional before undertaking any form of treatment, including kambo, particularly if you have pre-existing health conditions, are pregnant, or are on medication. Kambo has not been evaluated or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or other regulatory bodies, and its use carries risks. It should only be administered by trained practitioners in a safe environment. We do not guarantee any specific outcome or benefit from the information provided here or from the practice of kambo, and we do not assume liability for any adverse reactions or health complications that may arise. Please carefully consider all aspects of this treatment, including potential health risks, ethical concerns, and cultural sensitivity, before participating in a kambo session. For additional guidance and support, consult with medical professionals and experienced practitioners.