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A Sacred Brotherhood to create deep connection and support for Men who are walking the spiritual path, exploring consciousness, and embracing their Full Self.

The Sacred Men’s Circle is a monthly meetup for spiritually curious men that are wanting deep connection and support as you pursue your spiritual journey and embrace your unique expression of your Sacred Masculine nature.
Sacred Men’s Circle community and gatherings are  designed to create an environment for safe connection, explore the many facets of our consciousness, share key skills to enhance our unique path forward, and accelerate our insights by tapping into the power of Sacred Brotherhood.
  • Connect with other like-minded men to further your unique path while tapping into the power of a Sacred Brotherhood.
  • Share your Full Self in a sacred and safe space that is conducive to explore consciousness safely.
  • Spiritual and practical skill development to deepen your connection with your authentic nature.
  • A healthy space for self-reflection, sharing your Full Self, and embracing your unique spiritual abilities and capacities.
  • Key topics and expertise shared by fellow members on leadership, Sacred Masculine, Breath-Work, Meditation, Philosophy, Technology and More!
  • Heart-centered communication and facilitation.
  • Sacred medicine friendly space.

The Power of Contemplation & the Gene Keys

($20 Suggested Donation)

May 22nd


7pm – 9(ish)pm

Sacred Brotherhood Summer Solstice Celebration and Potluck

(No Suggested Donation)

June 28th


6pm – 9(ish)pm

Devil’s Lake Men’s Hike

(No Suggested Donation)

July 30th


5:30pm – 8:30(ish)pm

Suggested donation of $20 unless otherwise specified. Venmo @SoultechSanctum or cash is welcome.

Do you have a guy in mind that would want to know about this?

Feel free to share the private facebook events with them.

All are welcome!

Core Principles of the Brotherhood

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sacred brotherhood

In a sacred circle every man is equal and welcome to speak. We are stronger together! In our sacred men’s circle we can both share our unique gifts, skills and insights–AND receive what we need. A circle cannot exist without community–it’s your presence that makes the circle powerful.

Collaboration & abundance Mindset

Collaboration and diversity are the way of the natural world. Within our Sacred Brotherhood we celebrate and support connection, collaboration, and coherence with our brothers. We learn to let go of fierce competition and scarcity mindset–which taps us into the absolute abundance.

Balance & Diversity

Different perspectives and spiritual styles are celebrated. We honor the full spectrum of human nature and how we express our sacred masculine. And we honor the yin to our yang: we’re mindful of how we also express our inner Divine Feminine–and how we honor the goddesses (women) in our life. 

Skill Building & Sharing Expertise

Confidence and momentum are magnified through the cultivation of practical skills and sharing of our knowledge. We invite our brothers to share the skills that are working for them–and the insights that are propelling them forward on their growth path.

Got Questions? Please reach out to Zach at 608-421-2182 or

“I want to extend my deepest gratitude to Zach and everyone who participated in the inaugural Sacred Men’s Circle. It was a truly enriching experience to connect with other like-minded men in such a meaningful and profound way. The energy and authenticity everyone brought into the space were palpable and left a lasting impression on me. I’m excited about the future of the Sacred Men’s Circle and the potential growth and transformation it holds for all of us.”

Terry, Valued Member

I can’t express enough how amazing this Sacred Men’s Circle is! It was so great to decompress and come together with unity. To hear, and to be heard. I enjoyed sharing my experience with reflection (vs rumination) and response (vs reaction). It’s topics like these that we dive into and find connection from. I’m so glad I decided to check this avenue out, I look forward to each and every Sacred Men’s Circle!”

– Kyle, Valued Member

Want to share your expertise within the Brotherhood?

Have you participated in a Sacred Men’s Circle and are passionate about sharing your skill, expertiese, and your heart within the Sacred Brotherhood? We’d be honored for you to share your gifts. Please submit the form below and we’ll circle back to discuss further.